a sure thing can never be
unless the future is foreseen
but God sees where I need to go
so I trust Him with my life
just when things make sense
things change
and jumble up again
love gets snatched away
and I hold my breath
waiting for it to return
what if it never does?

to pay the piper

what I have given away
would be impossible for this slave
worth less and less each day
with empty hands I crawl away
all I have left is nothing
and so I'm bound to the dust
clinging to a day dream
the piper steals my heart
I tell myself it's just for a season
until I can work off my debt
but like pebbles in an ocean
my good deeds get swept away
by reality splashing violently in my face
and I crumble into fragments
of who I used to be
yet gradually
the Sun rises
and grace gushes through my veins
the King of the Universe
reaches out His hand to me
and pays the piper
for what I have destroyed
piece by piece
He stitches me back together
I feel His love
and I breathe freely
I cling to my LOVE
while the God of peace
crushes the piper
beneath my feet