Father of lies Weaves together a blindfold To fit the world Intricately stitching deception Into the thoughts of men With public opinion And ecumenical open-minded propaganda Society feeds on the emptiness Finding no nourishment at all But not even realizing they're hungry Father of illusions Stretches forth distractions To keep the world away from truth They think their eyes have been opened As demons of light gorge them out Father of pain Sends them heartache and brokenness They wave their fists at God Surely no love could exist in a God who allows such things Their own little gods can't help them But they cling to them anyway Exalting themselves amidst their sorrows So their next lives will go well Father of darkness Boils his sleeping victims They rest comfortably While the dark one dines on their souls Angrily tearing at the hint of God left He leaves shreds of human beings His children become dark like him As they embrace their bitterness Father of sin Wipes the blood from his lips Smiling at the corpses left to dine on He takes another bite from the human race And the world cheers at it's open-mindedness