dark shadow haunts me in the light of day
I try to run
I can't escape myself
closet of skeletons
comes to life in my soul
and haunts me with
that which I thought was dead
in the night there are no shadows
for everything is darkness there
and conformity allows me to mask my fears
yet there is no peace behind this rugged facade
and my darkness eats me away
this dragon who's only light is death
burning my identity off of me
until nothing but fake remains
and my darkness creeps into the empty chambers of my spirit
freezing my tears
chiseling away at my sense of self worth

the morning star appears
blinding me, I scream
it melts my hidden tears
pain escapes through the doorway of my soul
I fall with all that's left
surrendering to the One who took my shadow upon Himself
the Light of day fills my emptiness
and I run into His arms