It is finished...
He steps upon His throne, keeping His eyes always fixed on the whirlpool beneath Him.
Glorious conqueror's eyes are red as He watches His loved ones get caught into the violent
flow. An observer would wonder, "Why don't they see what has just happened?! Why do they
stay in their chains when the price has been paid to set them free?"
Yet the King says nothing, because there is nothing left to say.
People must choose to be free or to turn from freedom and crave their chains.
Hiding behind computers, business trips, pleasure, and an insatiable appetite for
corruption, they forget. They forget the hands that took their nails, the brow that took
their thorns, the King who took their sins.
Lord of Lords sits enthroned in the Heavens, reaching out His hands to save His
lost children. Every rejection was felt when He bled and hung in shame. He can still feel
the hot sun scorching His raw back everytime His children look away. His scars forever
remain in His wrists as a reminder of how lost His children are. It breaks His heart
everyday to have those scars, but He would never have it any other way, as long as it means
at least a few may turn to Him and be set free.. if even one of His children would be able
to experience that freedom. Thus He waits.