The Game
pushing what once was firm
this boundary line
decays beneath
one wrestling with the Son
beat up and torn
you'd think this one would fall to her knees
and give up her brokenness
but instead she basks in her demise
consequences are sugar coated
by her game
she leads others
but she can't even save herself
they compliment her poise
how beautiful she's become
but behind closed doors
she weeps for what is lost
one breath in life
squandered for her black hole
she crawls into it
but she doesn't only hurt herself
stamped upon her soul
are corpses of massacred values
bludgeoned by the venom
she got from kissing the Snake
a moment of ecstasy with the darkness
leaves her empty and blind
reaching for her love
and the ones she's left behind
nothing remains
except for the game
so she plays on
and wrestles with the Son
until she is completely defeated
and she falls down
playing around
and the game defeats
one wrestling with the Son