watered-down morality
you whitewashed wall
you let go of His hand
and then you fall
you paint a facade
for us to see
but deep inside
you ache to be free
your liquid rock
of religion and pride
can't stand it's ground
against the tide
your mouth says Jesus
so the people think you care
but your eyes scream emptiness
as you blankly stare
soaking up the darkness
then rolling around in white paint
giving yourself a crown
claiming that you're a saint
the only truth in your life
is that you're living a lie
you hurt yourself still
and all I can do is cry
how can't you see
this isn't a game anymore
with eternity in the balance
you slam the door
I love you so much
but there's nothing left to say
falling to my knees
I watch you waste away

and I'm helpless