In this day and age life seems so unsettled, so unsteady.  We try to grab
a hold of things for support and find that these things too are
sliding into the abyss of disillusions and dreams turned nightmares.  We
run from our problems and find that we are running from the demise we
have created, which haunts us.  We try to be good people and be the
best we can, but we find that the world destroys our goodness and makes
our worth and purpose equal to a monkey who came from a big globby mess.
We tell ourselves that there is no god, if there was the world wouldn't
be in the state that it's in now.  But we forget that we are the ones who
have destroyed it's beauty and innocence.  Then we contradict ourselves
and say that we are all little gods, and the universe is ours to
command.  We turn on the news and watch the earthquakes and tornadoes
tear us and our homes apart, and we wonder why mother mature won't
listen to us.  We speak of freedom for all people, as long as they don't
express there to be any right or wrong, or solid truth.
One day we wake up all alone, without a purpose, or a creed, or
something to get up in the morning for.  We look at the world we have
created.  Drugs, alcohol, extra-marital sex, violence, abuse.  We are
blind.  Empty.  Hopeless.  Reaching for truth, we cry out.  The God who
created the earth and hangs the stars in the sky hears our cries.  He
reaches us and heals the scars that have so long crippled our senses and
blinded our vision.  He is our rock and our stronghold.  We get out of bed
and stand upon Him.  In this world of perversion and sin, He is our