Politically correct.  A term used to describe that which is suitable for the public and the media.  We have forgotten about moral values.  We have favored certain groups of people because of their race, or their gender, or if they're homo or heterosexual.  We call it standing up for women's rights when we justify the legalization of abortion, yet we forget that the baby in the mother's womb is also a human being entitled to rights.  It is not a part of her body, therefore it is murder to kill a baby in development.
    We have permitted doctors to kill their patients if their patients are in too much pain.  We have allowed our family members to be disposed of when they are too old and have become "a burden on society".  In the name of social development we have violated the Constitution of the United States of America, our very foundation.  We say that we have improved over the years.  If legally murdering the sick, the old and the unborn was improvement then this statement would be true.  If racism, sexism, and favoritism distributed out in the name of multi-culturalism was development, then our society would be right on target.  But it is blatantly clear that our society is deteriorating due to a lack of moral values and standards.  How can someone say that our nation is improving when the rates of murders, drunk driving, abuse, illegal drug use and distribution, teen suicides, teen sexual activity and the AIDs Virus have risen to heights far exceeding those of even a few years ago?  They say that our cities are improving.  Everyday, sleeping on park benches and old boxes, lie the homeless, whom we have forgotten.  The government gives money to people who spend it on drugs and alcohol while there are people right before their eyes who are starving.  Either we are blind or we simply refuse to see the truth.
    Our schools teach us how to use condoms and have safe sex, but they don't teach us how to control ourselves.  Many people graduate from high school without even learning how to read a simple sentence.  High school dropouts are innumerable.  Gangs are at their peaks.  People who reach out their hands to try to help are looked down upon, because they are "violating the rights of the first amendment", according to the warped interpretations taught to us by our society.
    On our money is written "In God We Trust" while we spend that money fighting against "radicals" and exploiting the meaning of God.  We claim that there is world peace while we go to war with other nations.  We suite our needs by making truth whatever is pleasing to us, and making fiction whatever is not pleasing to us.  We are a greedy people who live to satisfy our passions that keep us from reality.  We eat poisonous foods and throw away that which is nutritious.  We corrupt our souls with impurities and perverseness, claiming we are having a spiritual experience.  We climb up the ladder of power, stepping on whoever gets in our way.  When we get to the top we push everyone else as far down as possible.  We are paranoid and unhappy.
      We are a nation once bound together under the liberty and unity of God, now held captive in the bondage and depravation of Satan.  We are an apathetic, self-centered society seeking drought and famine.  We are the United States of America, and we are politically correct.