splashing against my face
in this race against the unknown
I'm showered with your grace
amidst the parched lips of my offenders
despairing the gloom of my sins
reaching with hands clasped and weak
marked by the stamp of approval
in a place where you were rejected for me
this frozen moment in time
standing between bondage and freedom
walking on the tight rope of life
not able to lean left or right
looking to someone for help
seeing the speck in his eye
I turn around in a daze
falling into the night
You spit me out of your mouth
I'm beaten and alone in this world
you reach out your hands to me
as you pay the price for my excursions
I come face to face with you again
torn and crying, I fall to the ground
You lift me from the pit that I've dug
and I'm showered with your grace once again.